Draft Guide – Two Minute Drill

It’s down to crunch time, there’s one week left, and you are out if time outs. It’s time you put together your final draft strategy and jump into the draft room. This article is a guide to help you developing that winning strategy. I have based it on a 10 team PPR format using a QB, two RB’s, two WR’s, one TE, one Flex (RB/WR/TE), a kicker and a D/ST, with 6 bench spots (15 Rounds). So if you’re in a larger league or in a little different set up, be sure to make those adjustments. Let’s dive right in to the Junk Yard!
Rounds 1-4
  • I do not recommend using any of your first 4 picks on QB. Only exception to this would be in a 2 QB league, where it is not out of the question to take Brady, Roger’s, Brees, or Ryan in one of the first 2 rounds.
Rounds 5-7
  • There are only 2 QBs I recommend here. Brady and Rodgers.
  • Some may make the argument for Brees or Ryan in this area, but I do not.
  • With Brees’s woes on the road last year, I just feel more comfortable with a WR and/or elite TE in this range.
  • Looking at Ryan, there is no way, under a new offense, that he will duplicate last year’s numbers.
  • Now, saying that, you do have to watch your draft. If it looks like everyone is waiting on QB, and there is no other appealing options, don’t reach for a low end WR3 or TE2 here. Go ahead and get your stud QB. I took Brady in the late 5th in one draft, because I just didn’t love my other options there and the team turned our pretty strong.
Rounds 8-10
  • This is where I like going QB. There should be lots of solid options in this range. Also, the RB/WR/TE potential levels out somewhat in these rounds, so your less likely to miss out on a difference maker than in the earlier rounds
  • You should be able to get Carr, Cousins, Cam, Winston, or Wilson here. Keep in mind you will have to know the people you are drafting against. If you see a run on QB early, and these guys get snatched, don’t panic and reach. Continue to load up at the other skill positions. There are plenty of serviceable options still out there, and you should be loaded everywhere else
Rounds 10-13
  • If you waited super late and loaded the wagon on RB/WR/TE so far, you’re probably getting a little antsy about your QB. You shouldn’t be though. In these 4 picks, you’ve got some decent options. I recommend using 2 of these for picks to snag 2 of these guys and play the match ups.
  • Stafford, Dalton, Manning, Bradford, Palmer, Cutler, and even Bortles are all options here. I like in them that order. With 2 of these guys, and a strong surrounding cast, you set yourself up nicely for success.
Running Backs
Rounds 1-3
  • I think the top two guys are obvious in the early first Round in Johnson and Bell.
  • In the middle of the first, I’m OK with McCoy, but I’m not as high on him as some and would prefer an elite WR to Shady this year.
  • Late first, I love Ajayi even over Freeman, but Freeman is a safe bet in the late first if he falls there. Murray is also in the mix here, but in my opinion, he not the Titan RB you want to own. I’m taking and Elite WR over him as well.
  • In Round 2, I think Gurley is a steal. I understand why he has fallen, but this is the year for Gurley. If he’s waiting on you anywhere in the second, pounce!
  • Other RBs to snag in rounds 2 or 3 are Gordon (early 2), Miller, Fournette, Howard, and McCaffery.
  • I’ve seen Montgomery going in the third more and more over the last week. I like him, but would rather get him in the next segment if possible. It will likely depend on how your draft is unfolding to see if you need to reach for him in the third.
  • Two sleepers that you may want to reach for here are Cook and Hunt. I’d like to wait one more turn on them if possible however.
Round 4-6
  • This is the area in which you can make some great picks to fill your RB or Flex depth.
  • I’ve seen Miller fall this far in one draft. He’s an absolute steal here.
  • Cook, Hunt, Crowell, Lynch, Hyde, Mixon, CJ Anderson, Ingram, Abdullah, and Woodhead should be available in this section. All with fairly strong RB2 potential. I hate Lacy, but if you need him, you can take him here as well.
  • If you loaded up at WR or took your stud QB early, if you can pull one or two of these guys, you’re sitting pretty
Rounds 7-10
  • There even some decent RB2/RB3 options in this segment, so if you decided to be a dare devil and go Zero RB, you may still be alive, but it’s gonna take some luck. Once these guys start coming off the board, it seems like they go on a run and disappear quickly.
  • Here are the guys to look for in this area: B Powell, T West,  Gore, Gillislee, Peterson, D Henry,  D Martin, Kelley, McFadden, Riddick, T Coleman, Rawls, P Perkins, Blount, and J Rodgers.
  • If you don’t have at least 3 of the RBs already mentioned, you’re putting yourself at a huge disadvantage, so get them by this point!
Rounds 11-13
  • This is where you can build a depth spot or two, and there are some OK PPR options for your flex spot in this segment.
  • Take a look at Sproles, D Johnson, Prosise, Perine, or Burkhead here
Now the big question, why did I leave out Elliott?  This is a complex situation, so I thought it deserved its own section. There’s a possibility that his suspension gets pushed to next season. In that case he’s an automatic #1 pick. There’s a possibility it could get reduced to 3 or 4 games. This puts him anywhere in rounds 1-3, depending on how much risk you are willing to take. If it stands as is, you can’t use him until week 8, so he’s probably not worth the risk until the 5th or later. I’ve taken him in the 3rd in a league I decided to be aggressive in. That’s probably too early at this point. Until we know more, I’d recommend letting him go to someone else or taking him in the late 5th at the earliest if he falls to you there.
Wide Receivers
Rounds 1-3
  • There are some really sweet options at the top, and I am a huge advocate of loading up on WR early.
  • Here is my order for WR in this segment: Brown, Beckham, Jones, Green, Evans, Nelson, Cooks, M Thomas, Baldwin, Bryant, Cooper, D Adams, Hilton, K Allen, Hopkins, D Thomas, and Prior
  • Get 2 of these guys and make it a priority!
Rounds 4-6
  • Lots of good options still left that I really like in this segment
  • They are: K Benjamin, Jeffery,  E Sanders, Fitzgerald, Tate, Landry, Crabtree, Watkins, Parker, A Robinson, Diggs, Coleman, and Snead
  • Grabbing one or two of these guys will only help you. The WR floor drops considerably moving forward. I would like to have at least 3, preferably 4, of these WRs by the end of round 6.
Rounds 7-12
  • If you’ve messed around and only have 2 WRs at this point, you gotta get them here. It’s your last chance to get any kind of producer at this position. There are a few good options, but most are just serviceable at best.
  • Look for: B Marshall, Garcon, D Jackson, Maclin, Decker, T WillIams, Hogan, Moncreif, Thielen, and Amendola
You should be stacked at WR by now, but if you want to build more depth, here are some flyers to consider: J Matthews, Britt, R Matthews, Shephard, M Jones, and M Wallace. All have proven they can be effective, but are not ideal weekly starters.
Tight Ends
Rounds 1-3
  • There are no TEs I recommend taking this early
Rounds 4-6
  • Gronk is great in the 4th
  • Kelce is fine in the 4th, but I would rather wait one more round on him.  (I have seen him go ahead of Gronk, which is baffling to me!)
  • That’s about the only two I like this early.
Rounds 7-10
  • I really only like 3 guys here, but you may have to reach depending on draft flow
  • I like Reed, Walker, and Graham in this segment
  • If you have to reach, I’m OK with Eifert, Rudolph, Ertz, Henry, or Bennett here, but prefer to wait if I can on those six
Rounds 11-13
  • Heres where I’m looking to take one, maybe two of the five listed as reaches above if I did get one of top five guys.
  • Also viable here, but not optimal as your TE1 are: Doyle, Fleener, McDonald, Engram, Brate, Whitten and Hooper. These are not the guys you want to bank your season on by any means, but could all be producers on a given week
I am a big proponent of waiting until your last two picks for kicker and Defense. I usually stream Defenses unless I hit on one that is on a roll. If you feel you have to take Denver, Seattle, Houston, or whoever your flavor, I do not recommend reaching before the 11th. We will be doing a Defense/ST ranking, so see that for help on your selection.
Always my last pick. Honestly, I don’t put much thought into this slot. I like a kicker for a high powered offense, or one that struggles in the red zone. I look for one of those two criteria, then find one with a late bye so I don’t have to think about it again for several weeks. If the guy I picked stinks like a hot pile of junk, I just drop him for another one. There’s enough stress in drafting and managing your “real” team, this one should be an easy one. See our kicker rankings for more help with your selection.
In Summary
By the end of Round 4, you’d like to have a stud RB, an elite WR, and two more top WRs. If your sitting at two and two here, you’re still in goods shape!
By the end of Round 7, your team should really be taking shape, and you should have a clear picture of how you’re stacking up against your competition. Before your pick in Round 8, you should have 3 RBs that you are comfortable starting in most weeks. You should also have at least 3 WRs that you feel the same way about. For the final spot, a 4th WR is optimal, but if you took one of the elite QBs or Gronk, I won’t beat you up about it.
At the close of Round 10, you need to have your core line up pretty well in hand. You should be sitting pretty with 4 RBs,  4 WRs, a QB, and a TE. If you’ve punted on TE, for another attractive option at WR or RB, that’s OK. Just be sure to grab the best available in Round 11.
In Rounds 11-13, you will be building depth and/or taking a shot on a couple of flyers you’ve had your eye on. I usually only carry one QB and one TE into week one, but if you feel more comfortable with a back up, go for it here.
Rounds 14 – 15 is for D and Kicker.
Follow this plan, and you should have everyone else in your league wondering how they will ever beat you, and guess what… THEY WON’T! You’ll be sending them to the junk pile in tears!

Chris Camilleri


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