Junkman’s Trash Time Junkies

Junkman’s Trash Time Junkies

***Week 1 Edition***

This is the first installment in a weekly segment I will be doing on the players you love to hate.  We all have at least one of these on our fantasy roster.  You cuss them the whole game because they are underperforming, you are miserable watching them play, so you turn the channel. An hour later, you go back and check your score, and BOOM, by the end of the game, they have 15+ points!  They get that big play in trash time, and in fantasy, the points are all that matters.

I am not recommending you start these guys (unless otherwise noted) unless you absolutely need to, but they do have a good chance at a late score or late game volume, that could turn into points for your team.  What I do recommend, is not watching them play, unless you like high blood pressure and nausea!  So here we go!!!!!


  • Blake Bortles – Bortles was my favorite TTJ last year, and he will have to be again in week 1. They will be playing from behind, and he has a good chance for two 4th quarter TDs. Will they outweigh the picks he is most likely going to throw is the question!


  • Duke Johnson Jr. – This call has nothing to do with Crowell.  I just expect them to be trailing late by double digits, and will most likely be behind the chains on 3rd  He is their best receiving back, so it just makes sense here.
  • Jonathan Stewart – I expect Carolina to be up big in this one, and JStew is the more powerful runner of their two backs.  They trust him to protect the ball and eat up the clock.  I also predicted he will vulture at least one TD this week.


  • Kendall Wright – They will be behind, and Atlanta will play soft late not to give up the big play. This fits well for Wright’s underneath style, so he should get several catches on the last couple of drives.  Wright is not a bad WR3 option in deeper leagues this week as well.
  • Kevin White – He is the Bears best bet for a late TD
  • Allen Robinson – See Bortles above. He’s their best WR and really the only big play/red zone option
  • Pierre Garcon – SF will have to throw it a ton to even come close to staying in this one, especially late.  Garcon is their best bet for heavy targets.


  • Jack Doyle – Without Luck, this O is going to be a disaster. He will have plenty of opportunities underneath late in the game to rack up some points in a PPR league.



Chris “The Junkman” Camilleri




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