Chef Zeke’s Week 2 Bets

Chef Zeke’s Dinner Menu: 
                         Roasted Shallot and Smoked Paprika Zucchini Fritterz, Dized Clam and Langostine Fettucine with  Sweet and Spicy Cajun Cream SauZe,  Banana Foster Flan with 30 year Old Port Drizzle — 200 Year Old ReZipe Guinness Stout and a niZe glass of Argentina Malbec in  Caymus Cabernet oak casks — YEAH!!!   Time for the NFL shniZZle

I will usually post 2 plays each of sideZ and of totalZ but letz get thingz real — this is ONLY the second week so as we get into week 4 teams will be more notiZed —

Our playz will be between 0.5 and 7.0 *** 

GAME BETZ WEEK 2 :    this is not a powerful or strong week but here is what we have.

Chicago vs Tampa Bay ….   OK T Bay’s 1st game maybe some rust or maybe some of what I am looking for— some exciting OffenZe!!!   Chicago last week only gave up a few points to Atl (23 –which is low to ATL) but they scored 17 and passed the ball 40 times!!! They still gave up 300 yards in the air but outrushed them by over 60 yardz — this is a different Chicago team and they have more fire than normal.    I expect this game to be a lot of passing which means incompleZions will stop the clock and there WILL be some pass interferenZes….   this number is sitting all week at 43.5.  No line movement and 50-50 public’s eye —  I like Chicago to score 20-23 and the Chef believez TBay scorez at least 27
OVER 43.5

Tenn vs JaXsonville …. did anyone watch Tenn last week???  They were actually favorites against Oak and played hard but failed in the end…they fought, so why are they not 4 point favs this week???   JaX –all they did was impreZZ….but they lost their top playmaker and now Bortles has to wake up and find more targets… but they call this a revenge game for TEnn as they were knocked out of the playoffZ last year by JAX — I call this the Leonard Fournette SHOW…. this line has moved a lot in reverZe line mvmt …  Chef will take the bait although I do see Mariotta playing better this year, I just feel DefenZe will win this game for Jax ….

AZ vs the Baby Coltz …..  if the LA Rams can score 46 on Indy don’t you think Carson (even without their tailback Johnson) can score half that??? YEP —-  simple — AZ team total is at 24.5 ..they have some KEY injuriez but this Indy team is very bad and can’t tackle their grandma-that-got-run-over -by a John Deere!  AZ defense might even get a score for us here..
AZ team total OVER 24.5

stay ThirZeke my friendzzz….  this is ONLY week 2!!!!

 “ZEKE”  Joshua Creasy

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