Chef Zeke’s Week 3 Bets

OK OK…  absolutely burned the food last week and I apologize—-

Menu:     Spring Mix Zalad with Heirloom Yellow Tomatoez, CraiZins, Malt Vinegar Marinated Strawberriez, English Cucumberz, and Chef Zeke’z Warm Bacon Vinaigrette

Dill Havarti Time to Make the Dough Bread Slizes w Tomato Roasted Garlic Relish      Sweet Potato CaZZerole w Burnt Brown Suga,   Alabama Honey Roasted Baby Carrotz and Cauliflower topped w Hungarian Smoked Paprika , Rum Marinated Pork Tenderloin Stuffed with Applez and Wild Cherry Meunster Cheeze w Apple, Cherry, Shallot, Honey Ginger SauZe

Smoked Cherry Old Fashioned with Ballz of Ice

Drinking Stoutz All Day but what elze is new!!!

Cleveland at Indy:   First time Cleveland has been favored sinZe the last real funny Jim Carey movie and that’z a long time ago!!!   Indy really played a very weird game last week as we lost the team total for AZ but I can honestly say that was a fluke. Chef is betting Cleveland to win here and they might even win by double digitZ..they will pound the ball which will open up the deep pass … Indy can’t afford to keep kicking f goalz…Cleveland had nearly 50 more yardz on O than Balt last week… Indy may have gotten us last week but NOT this week

6******  Cleveland -1

2** Alternate Line -7 which will pay 5*****

2** Cleveland M Line

Atl RiZe Up Falconz at Detroit:  LOOK at this total — opened up at 48.5????  Now at 51 and will hit 52 before kickoff ….lookZ EZ huh???  Well, what if the Chef was to tell you that the last 10 games has seen an astonishing 8 UNDERZ…. and the total has NEVER been over 50 (was 50 onZe!)  ….  I See Detroit winning this game but I like the Under even more so take it for what it iz worth — I might be playin Det closer to kick off but I want to POP this UNDER … there will be a lot more running that people think and I can see some redZone oppz that will factor in to the game being lower than expected.. This is actually a TREND game for the Chef.  We don’t do many trendz but this one will be a see ya at the window for a cash ticket payout at the end of the game! Atlanta will have their first turnover of the year here and it might be in the redZone….  ground attack of Detroit will help lower the Rize Up Dirtybirdz

3*** UNDER 51.5

1.5 * UNDER 52.5 (buy whole point)

Miami at NY Jetzzz: not much to write about here folkzz…  Jetz need a lot of help but what elZe is new..  Miami has Cutler so who carez?  Cutler is a cry baby and needz to have a glaZZ of wine to do an interview (as does the Chef!!! but I don’t make the money he makez!!!)  This game just lookz like to the Chef Zeke that there will be TDZ instead of fgoalz like last week…  LOve the OVER

4**** OVER 42    it’s a niZe number

They call Chef Zeke the half time KING because of line movement watch ALL week long — 2nd half playZ are the eaZiest …  but letz win these 3 straight UP!!!

“ZEKE”  Joshua Creasy

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