Sleepers for Week 3

We really liked a couple of under the radar guys potential this week, so we thought we would share these sleepers with all of you.  In season long, we aren’t recommending starting these guys over your core line up, unless there is a horrible match up for one of your starters, but you could use them if needed.  These are more for DFS purposes.


  • Deshone Kizer – Indy run D has been pretty good, surprisingly, he appears to have found a go to WR in Higgins, and he is mobile. Vontae Davis is out for the Colts as well.  As you will see, we oddly like the Brown’s offense this week against the Colts
  • Jay Cutler – could have a big enough first half alone to make you happy.  We do expect a lot of Ajayi in this game, especially late, but Cutler could attack early through the air


  • Alvin Kamara – He is getting 6+ passing targets a game, and both starting tackles are out for NO.  This could mean plenty of check downs and screen opportunities.  We have seen what he can do in the open field.
  • D’Onta Foreman – This game will be out of hand by halftime.  You have to wonder if the Texans won’t rest Miller and see what they have in Foreman.  Look for Junk-Time and possible goal line work for Foreman.  It doesn’t hurt that MLB Hightower is out for NE.
  • Duke Johnson – Duke saw 50 snaps in week 2 (only 2 snaps less than Crowell).  Indy D is tougher against the run. and he can take a short pass to the house at anytime. Only takes one time to pay off on value.



  • DeSean Jackson – We love Djax to make his Bucs breakout this week.  With Xavier Rhodes shadowing Evans, we expect Djax to hit a big one, maybe 2!  Djax is in our line ups for both season long and DFS this week.
  • Devin Funchess  –  We look for Funchess to get a large portion of Olsen’s targets.  The major question here is, will he get the red zone looks to pay off on value.
  • Rashad Higgins – Really broke onto the scene last week, and there will be no Vontae Davis for Indy. We like him a lot this week, and for the rest of the year.
  • Terrell Pryor  –  This could be the week for Prior in a shootout game against the Eagles.  The Eagles secondary is banged up, missing Darby and possibly McLeod.
  • Kevin Galladay – He had a huge week 1, and was literally a-sleep in week 2, but he has sleeper upside in a shootout game at home, especially if he is matched up against Bob Alford for Atlanta, who he is about 6 inches taller than!


  • No sleepers to note


Chris “The Junkman” Camilleri


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