Chef Zeke’s Week 7 Bets

Chef ZEKE menu:   Roasted Asparagus and Celery Root GaZpacho w Heirloom Purple Tomatoez….    Spring Mix w Candied Macadamian Nutz and Sugared Strawberry ReducZion GlaZe …   Tournedo Roasted Red PotatoeZ w RosZemary and Chipotle Honey …   Vermont Maple Glazed Butternut Squash …   Mojito Mojo Skirt Steak with Herbed Blood Orange SauZe
Banana Split Crème Brulee and 30Year old Port ….   Micheladas w Tamarindo and Carta Blanca
LETS just say this a SUNDAY of 3’s — 7 lines are around 3 or 3.5 …weird!!!   maybe a lot of underdogz cover today???
5* Cleveland plus 6 Nashvegaz …
5*  TEam Total OVER Cleveland ONLY 19.5 …  they will score minimum 24 here folkzzzz …
7*  RARE CHEF ZEKE play —  OVER 44 (bought hook) Cleveland and NashVEgaZ  …. this line opened at 47  OK OK — Cleveland is winleZZ I know– I look for Kizer to limit his mistakez after getting benched — he wants HIS JOB …  not too thrilled about Titanz defense and look for Cleveland to return to the redZone over and over and come away with pointz this time around…  They actually get to the redzone a lot this year but then explode like a Brown Doodoo in a restroom …   NOT today!!!  Chef Zeke may be one of the few but here we go..see ya at the ticket window to get paid!!!
would also play 1H over but as you can C we have a lot riding on this game…
Stay ThirZeke my friendzzzzzz

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